Living the Sacramental Power of the Diaconate

All disciples of Jesus Christ have invisible superpowers granted to them through the sacraments. Baptism, for example, gives a person, “the power to live and act under the prompting of the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Holy... Read More

The Temptation to Compromise

If we weren’t aware before, many of us realize shortly after ordination that our diaconate doesn’t shield us from...

Gratitude: An Intention of the Heart

We are born and meant to be grateful. We are endowed by our Creator with a desire to make...

Brothers in Ministry

The subject of the age of deacons has been a subject of interest for decades. Most recently the annual...

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Preaching Hard Truths

In my homilies, I generally seek to avoid controversial topics. This has been my policy for a few reasons,... Read More

The Diaconal Call to Teach

Every deacon, by virtue of his ordination, becomes a teacher. During the Rite of Ordination, at the handing on... Read More




Discerning the Appropriate Age for Ordained Ministry

For eight years I have served as director of homiletics and director of recruitment at Sacred Heart Seminary and... Read More

The Devil and the Diaconate

Many years ago I had an encounter with a young man that shook me to my core. It was... Read More



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Exiled People

In May, my husband and I traveled to Ireland for a grandchild’s confirmation. It was a wonderful, joyous trip... Read More

Spiritual Direction

“Contemplation is a radically transforming process. For this reason, many people … avoid it altogether or practice it only... Read More