The Guardian of the Blood of Christ

Editor’s note: The following is Part 2 of an In Focus on the Blood of Christ and the role of deacons. This essay was the inaugural Mitchell Lecture for the Institute for Diaconal Renewal at Franciscan University of Steubenville.... Read More

Both Sides of the Story

The TED Talk by a Nigerian-born female author (“The Danger of a Single Story”) educated in British schools speaks...

Created in His Image

As a deacon, I have the great blessing of being married and experiencing the love of my bride while...

The Deacon and Authentic Faith

Editor’s note: Scripture references in this article are taken from the New Revised Standard Version translation of the Bible....

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The Diaconal Call to Teach

Every deacon, by virtue of his ordination, becomes a teacher. During the Rite of Ordination, at the handing on... Read More

A Dynamic Contribution to the Church

Black men have been a part of the permanent diaconate in the United States since the practice was revitalized... Read More




Embracing the Hiddenness of the Diaconate

At the NET Ministries annual vocations Mass for 1,500 high-energy high school students, the emcee was introducing the vocational... Read More

Holy Orders: Deacons and Priests

There are several interesting characteristics of shepherds who lived in the time of Christ. Shepherds lived apart from society... Read More



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“The Bible is the only book whose author is present when one reads it.” I came across this profound... Read More

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

At ordination, we kneel before the bishop and pledge fidelity to him and to his successors. Of course, this... Read More